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Daylight Recovery is unique among outpatient programs in the Salt Lake Valley. We believe in treating our clients with real love, dignity, and respect. We realize with the recent opioid epidemic in our community, a new program is needed that focuses on the value of the *one*. Our mission statement reads:

Together we suffer the pain;
Together we embrace the victory;

It is posted on our entry wall to remind us every day why we do what we do and how important our clients are to us. This work is a mission – or maybe better stated – a passion to us.

We believe that outpatient treatment is the most effective way of helping our clients, because it allows us to serve them in the environments that contribute to their problems, versus placing them in a cocoon, removed from all of the triggers that lead them to addiction.

Twelve Decades of Combined Experience

If you are suffering from substance abuse, addiction, or mental anxiety, and are looking for help, our team at Daylight Recovery is here to assist you. We offer alcohol rehabilitation and intensive outpatient drug rehab for individuals like yourself in Salt Lake City, Sandy, West Jordan, Draper, Murray, Utah County and throughout the Wasatch Front.

When you are feeling alone and unable to cope on your own, we are here for you. Our compassionate staff has a combined twelve decades of experience in the field of addiction rehabilitation.

Please give us a call at 385-999-1000



Environment of Love

From the first step in the door, every patient feels our genuine concern. It is the most consistent feedback we get on our surveys, and it is the highest priority in our practice – that we love one another and that we love the people we serve.

Individualized Treatment

Compassion demands individualized care. Individualized care means that every treatment plan is written specifically for each patient with both the therapist and medical doctor. This includes any medications that might be utilized in recovery. Our therapists and medical staff have been chosen because of their ability to listen and treat each patient as a unique person with unique needs and challenges. It is our very best way of helping every patient recover for good.

Bond of Trust

Our patients respond best to our treatment when they feel a bond of trust with our whole staff. Every week we share multiple lunches together, where both patients and staff sit at the same table in an open and casual setting. The free lunches are included as part of group therapy, and they facilitate interaction with Daylight Recovery on every level, from reception staff to directors, and even company owners. It is an invaluable way for patients to feel the commitment the entire organization has made to their recovery.

Comprehensive Care

Daylight Recovery is a complete treatment center, meaning that we have both clinical and medical staff onsite, but it is much more than this. Therapy regularly includes extended treatments like advanced nutrition for recovery, meditative sound healing and group music-making, yoga, somatic breath control, Seasonal-Affective- Disorder (SAD) light treatment, and a color-therapy chamber that is unique in the nation, to name just a few of the many program offerings. Our approach taps into as many different aspects of our patients’ lives as possible, in order to give them the greatest number of supports for lasting recovery.

A Place for Spirituality

Daylight Recovery offers a separate treatment track that utilizes the LDS 12-Step Program for Recovery. Our clinical director, Kendall Lowe, is one of the original authors of the LDS 12-Step Program [link to his bio] and is uniquely qualified to offer this therapeutic approach. Because every part of our program is tailored for each patient, we allow patients the choice of group therapies that take either a traditional or a spiritual focus to recovery. This choice for traditional or spiritual focus carries over to individual treatment as well, as all our therapists are specially qualified in both approaches.