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Commonly Asked Questions

We may be riddled with questions about how we got into this, how we're going to get out of it, and how it could have happened. These are generally questions with no easy answers. Below are the answers to some relatively easy questions.

To start answering the difficult questions, contact a representative today.

Treatment length is generally individualized to the needs of the client. Evidence suggests that treatment episodes between 6 months and one year have the highest success rates. Whether you need a 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, or 12-month program, we have these and more at reasonable rates (Call or email for details).

Treatment cost varies based on the needs of the patient. We accept most insurance plans. There is little to no out of pocket cost for insurance holders. For clients without insurance, we have various payment options and can help you explore avenues for assistance. We will explain all the costs during the initial consultation and can generally provide methods for receiving additional discounts off our rates… Our desire is to help everyone!! (Call or email for details).

Our Medical professionals will prescribe and monitor medications necessary for the treatment and recovery of SA and MH clients (Eg Suboxone and Vivitrol but not Methadone). This includes but is not limited Opioid Maintenance therapy drugs, antidepressants, ADHD medications, anxiolytics, etc.

Unfortunately, relapse is a symptom of this disease. Understand, though, it does not have to be a part of recovery or treatment, but it happens. Daylight Recovery loves the suffering addict! If a person is forthcoming and is still motivated for treatment or recovery Daylight Recovery generally desires to continue serving them... (Afterall: the Dr doesn't stop treating the diabetic who stops taking her insulin and eats a bunch of candy bars, does he?)

However, relapse generally comes with consequences. These can include: pauses in treatment, referral to detox, extended treatment, reports to court (for consented, legally involved patients), additional assignments, repeated classes, etc. Sometimes relapse (especially repeated) results in termination/suspension of treatment services. We generally welcome back, even these cases, after a period of time.

Time off won't count towards treatment. Unexcused absences come with consequences. You may be charged all or part of the service fee if insufficient or no notice is given. There may be reports to court (for consented, legally involved patients), etc.

An excused missed UA will have to be immediately made up. An unexcused missed UA will count like a positive UA and will come with the consequences of a relapse.

Yes. All Daylight Recovery medical and clinical staff are licensed by the Utah State Department of Professional Licensing (DOPL).

Yes. Daylight Recovery is licensed by the Utah State Department of Human Services (DHS) and by the City of Sandy.

Yes. Provided you follow the stipulations, allow communication between Daylight Recovery and your court or Probation/parole officer, adhere to all treatment recommendations, and complete the entire treatment episode.