LDS (Faith-Based) Track

LDS (Faith-Based) Track

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LDS (Faith-Based) Track

Our optional faith-based track incorporates both individual therapy and group sessions.

While individual treatment is grounded within the ASAM PPC 2R model and principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, it is centered around faith in the saving strength of the Gospel. All our therapists are specially qualified to provide this kind of faith-based individual treatment.

We base the group curriculum on the 12-step program of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS), which is a Christian recovery model that is open to all faiths. The LDS 12-step program was originally authored in part by our own clinical director, Ken Lowe. This program incorporates Gospel principles and encourages reliance on the Savior’s healing power throughout recovery.

Group schedules vary according to current patient needs and can be checked by calling our main office number.